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Welcome to SAL's 10th Teacher Training

Email us to register your interest. Attendance is by pre-registration only.

Tell us your level and send us a link of you dancing or instructing a class. Let us know if you have any background in dance also. Be prepared to learn in a intensive manner as it can be difficult for someone with little experience.

Please bear in mind that this course is to give students the tools to instruct a Kizomba & Semba class with quality, knowledge and integrity. We aim to form teachers which will deliver quality teaching in content, vocabulary and effective communication. We've developed a package that is comprehensive and thorough. Any teacher who receives our training will be representing our School to the highest standards possible and we hope that teacher will be you!

We promote Angolan style with modern influences. We explain how "authentic" style is and the modern influences to you, in movement and music.This is based on cultural background, experienced professional musicians and music producers who support the course, as well as over 20 years of dance training and experience.

"Don't forget, when you teach Kizomba, you're not only teaching movement but you are also teaching someone's culture, therefore, aim to learn the best way you can. So, however large or small your class is, your message is being passed on in a sensible and positive manner.".                        Iris De Brito


We've been doing this course for 5 years, two/three times a year and we care a lot for what we do, so we listened to your feedback and improved our course to suit your needs and keep up with the current trends.

OUR AIM is to help develop teachers with knowledge and structure whilst promoting integrity in their teaching.

FACT: Our method works. Most well known teachers in the UK have trained or worked with Studio Afro Latino. Students all over the world use our method and say the way we teach it "clicks" and they can finally understand Kizomba.

Historical Context

Why do we touch forehead to forehead in Kizomba?

Why do our belly butons need to be so close?

Learn why with us. We don't base our facts on hearsay, Facebook or wikipedia. We work closely with university researchers and dance professionals and our information and manual is updated every year.

New Influences



S.A.L. acknowledges the organic way in which social dances travel and pick up different influences.


We aim to identify the main currents at the moment, point out what makes it a different style and what changes you must make as an instructor.


We firmly believe, however, that Kizomba as an original style has enough material for instructors to be creative if they know their foundation really well and strongly promote students to have a good foundation before they try a new style so they fully understand the difference.

SAL Teaching Method


  • History of Kizomba & Semba in Angola

  • Other Lusophone influences

  • African rhythms & Caribbean rhythms

  • Class management

  • Class levels, feedback, vocabulary & frame

  • Moving in space

  • Basic music theory and counting

  • Live percussion

  • Practical and theory exercises

  • Test & certificate of completion


Please note: S.A.L. only provides a certificate to teach under SAL's name or training if student proved to pass final test.

Course Targets


  • To learn SAL's teaching method and vocabulary.

  • Learn Various dance styles that influence Kizomba like: Funana, Semba, Zouk

  • Musicality, history and social contexts.

  • Be able to understand the dance style in its various forms and differences

  • Awareness of rhythm, body posture and movement.

  • Teaching styles, counting, phonics, visual.

How you'll achieve your goals


  • Practical class preparation & delivery

  • Peer feedback

  • Practical Presentation

  • Class demonstration

  • Assist & Observe SAL large club classes

  • Understand Class delivery in different settings

  • Feedback on SAL's classes

  • Preparation & Improvisation

  • 15 Hours total training time

Benefits for you


We've Our teaching method already has created good dancers and teachers highly influenced by our style, currently teaching all over the UK and abroad.

  • Recognised training by a well respected School & Team

  • Training by experienced and qualified teachers.

  • Over 15 years teaching experience.

  • You will be given a teaching support pack

  • SAL awarding certificate of participation

  • An Instructional Kizomba DVD

  • A SAL T-Shirt

Support for you


Should you wish to be part of our Teacher's Affiliation, this will entitle you to:

  • Access our teacher's forum and observe video uploads of regular classes as well as upload your own.

  • One to one class support over email/phone/ video feedback

  • Receive all the news regarding different styles and other relative info first hand.

  • Participate in our monthly workshops at half price.

  • Receive discounts and invitations to future events.

  • Promote yourself as a SAL teacher.

  • Get invitations to teach as part of SAL

Membership is available for monthly fee of: £15


From Angola Kizomba Teacher Training

Invest and reserve your place now

This includes:

> Total average of 15 hours training & guided practice
> Recommended events
> SAL awarding certificate of participation or completion
> An Instructional Kizomba DVD
> A SAL T-Shirt ( SAL Afiliates only)
> Small snacks & refreshments

This is an investment in quality teaching, do remember that as a promoter you will recover this in one good event and as hired teachers in about one month.

* You can pay in installments, total to be completed by end of course. Please arrange with us personally.



Proposed Timetable

(small changes may occur)

Friday 10am- 4pm:
Beginners/Beginners + levels
Syllabus, Methodology, History & Influences

Saturday 11am - 5pm:
Improvers level
Syllabus, Methodology, Role playing exercises
Dinner with Teachers + Free time

Sunday 1-4pm: 
Intermediates level
Syllabus, Methodology

A complete program of activities will be handed to you on the first day of the course.

The more prepared you are the better! Write down your questions, select videos you want to ask about, make sure your camera has battery!

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