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One to One Personal Dance Coaching

Private Professional Dance Coaching has allowed countless students to grow in a 'one on one' atmosphere giving students greater opportunities to take chances and challenge themselves outside of a group class.

Whether professional dancers or just dance lovers and movement enthusiasts, private coaching is a great medium to effect change in individuals more so than you can ever imagine. Coaching can focus not only on simply learning routines faster thus increasing your confidence and providing you with a faster learning curve but also support you at special events, 'First Dances' for weddings, Team building exercises and much more.
You can choose to have sessions with anyone from the team, from younger members to the more experienced. It's important you arrive with a good idea of what you would like to achieve prior to start of the sessions to fully benefit from this personalized attention.

> Greater attention to your movement detail and corrections you're likely not to get in a group environment
> Tailor made to your individual needs. Your coach will work with what YOU want to achieve.
> You will improve your confidence, your inhibitions and possibly your outlook on life will start changing.
> Your lifestyle its likely to change as you discover new friends
> You will probably start to express yourself more freely and develop more leadership skills.

Wedding Dance

In one of the most important moments of your life, our goal is to make you feel comfortable and confident on the dance floor. Weather you want to impress, keep it simple or classy elegant we'll ensure that we choreograph your wedding dance to match your natural style and ability.

In the past couples have chosen:

* To dance a romantic waltz to a rock ballad
* His V Hers "battle" dance
* Dirty dancing 
* Afrobeats

As a couple it's a beautiful experience. You will:

* Have fun together and improve your intimacy
* Discover a new experience as a couple that you are likely to follow up
* Have a memorable wedding dance that will last forever

E-MAIL US for availability and prices
Prices depend on number of sessions, travel and space availability.


EXPRESS IT - Great for the shy starters.
5 sessions of 30 minutes each with selected members of the team.
Work on improving your basic steps and having a dance with a partner.
Cost: £30 per session


No product

SHALL WE DANCE - Ideal for wedding dances.
10 Sessions of 1 hour each with more experienced team members.
Work on achieving more specific goals and feeling confident about dancing anywhere.
Cost: £40 per session

No product

GOT TALENT - Brilliant for those who want to improve their style.
10 Sessions of 1 hour 15min each with top team members and a special session with school founder Iris De Brito.
Improve your confidence on any dance floor and impress your dance partner!
Cost: £50 per session

No product

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