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Trace Toca is published by Trace, a leading global media brand that promotes urban entertainment and creators all over the world. TracePlay is the First and Only Global Service that Provides 10 Live TVs, 30 Radios and more than 2000 Video On Demand exclusively dedicated to Urban Music & Entertainment. No Commercials. No Hidden fees. One Week Free Trial. Cancel Any Time.

Trace Toca showcases urban music and entertainment, often underserved by traditional media. TracePlay offers a wide selection of urban music TV networks, series, movies, TV shows, animation, comedies, documentaries and magazines available anywhere, anytime, on most connected devices such as your smartphone, your tablet, your PC and your smart TV using the AirPlay feature.

Trace Toca is the first VOD service to support established and independent artists and urban creators. Your subscription helps them expose their talent and invest in new films.

Check out TRACE Toca: a channel dedicatd to Afro-Luso rythms as well as Award-winning urban & afro-urban channels such as
TRACE Urban for R&B and Hip Hop, TRACE Africa for African music and culture, TRACE Naija for Afrobeats, Afropop & Hip Hop, TRACE Mzik for East African music, TRACE Tropical for Latin & Caribbean hits, TRACE Gospel and TRACE Sport Stars, the sport celebrity channels.

# 2,000+ urban series, films, documentaries, TV shows

from Africa, the Caribbean, the Indian Ocean, France, the UK and the USA

# 30 music radios covering the various urban and afro-urban genres such as: Trace Kizomba: From Angola, Mozambique & Brazil, Trace Kompa: From Haïti, Trace Kuduro: from Angola & Mozambique, Trace Zouk: From the Caribbean, Trace Africa: African beats, Trace African Rap: African rap, Trace Kitoko: From Congo, Trace Classic & Neo Soul: soul music, Trace Club: Dancefloor, Trace Coupé décalé: From Ivory Coast, Trace Dancehall: From Jamaica, Trace FM French Guyana, Trace FM Guadeloupe, Trace FM Haïti, Trace FM Martinique, Trace FM Paris, Trace FM Réunion, Trace Hip Hop US, Trace Hits: Urban hits, , Trace Latin: from Latin America, Trace Mziki: from East Africa, Trace Naija: from Nigeria and Ghana, Trace Old School Hip-Hop, Trace Old School R&B, Trace Rap Français, Trace Reggae, Trace Tropical, Trace Urban Contemporary, Trace Urban South Africa, Trace Urban UK, etc.

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Trace Play

Arts Council England

Since 2015, Arts Council England recognised BATUKE! Festival as an important event for the promotion of Afro-Luso music & dance in the UK and beyond.

Kizomba UK is proud to receive the support from Arts Council England, enabling artistic developments of dancers active in the field of Afro Luso dances.

Being backed by Arts Council England also means access to the festival is kept affordable, with Full Pass starting at £40 only and being kep under £70!

Other initiatives made possible by this partnership include BATUKE! Kids, a unique proposition allowing kids to participate to the event for FREE.

Support BATUKE! Festival by purchasing your pass now and help us continue the exploration of the origins and influences of Afro-Luso music & dance. 

Arts Council England
Rich Mix Logo-red on white.jpg

Rich Mix is a charity providing access to culture for all in East London. 


A hub for real artists from a diverse array of countries, let alone backgrounds’ London Remixed Festival Rich Mix is East London’s independent arts centre.

Once a vast leather factory, 35-47 Bethnal Green Road was transformed into a multi-arts venue, all 62,000 feet of it. Stretched over five floors we have a three screen cinema showing the latest releases as well as taking part in a number of independent film festivals. There is also a multitude of flexible performance spaces where we work with both emerging and established artists, and support them to deliver and develop their artistic practice.


Our aim is to be a place where the communities of the world, who are the citizens of East London and beyond, can come together to experience and make world class art and feel that it’s a place where they belong. We are committed to delivering excellent art to increasing and increasingly diverse audiences.

In addition to our full programme of cinema, live music, theatre, dance, spoken word, comedy, family activities and exhibitions, we are proud to be home to 20 creative businesses, all of whom help make Rich Mix the vibrant, special place it is.

As a charity and social enterprise we earn almost 85% of our overall running costs, and we are proud to be financially self-sufficient.

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B!18 - DJ SEAN WILSON 1_edited_edited_ed

Sean Williams is proof that being passionate about music and other cultures can transform you. 

Self - taught "DJ Britanico" regularly travels to Portugal and immerses himself with local Afro -Portuguese culture.


He has learnt from the best and continues to refine his craft playing at some of the best events in the UK. Sean created Kizomba Manchester and collaborates with all major promoters nationally.

Rich Mix

Studio Afro Latino

Studio Afro Latino, is on a mission to "supporting, developing and empowering the teaching and promotion of Kizomba & Afro-Luso culture".

Founded in 2004 by LUKAS award winner Iris De Brito, Studio Afro Latino is based in London with branches in the rest of the UK & Europe.

Kizomba * Semba * Kuduro * Afrobeats * Coupe Decale * Fusion * Rumba * Salsa

Studio Afro Latino instructors went through intense training, are passionate and aim to deliver good standards in social ethics on the dance floor.

The Studio Afro Latino team (a.k.a. S.A.L. team) is known for its expertise, reliability and professionalism and will be an integral part of BATUKE! Festival.

Studio Afro Latino

Kizomba UK

Created in 2008, Kizomba UK is a promotional structure organising quality events in the UK and the rest of Europe.

We've held events at some of the top locations in London, Shaka Zulu, Ruby Blue, 229 The Venue, Rich Mix London, to name a few.

We've also organized community events and continue to design original events, including BATUKE! Festival since 2017.

Kizomba UK
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