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African marketplace

Hello beautiful people: Afrocks' Hair Styling Station is back this year at BATUKE! Afro Market Place. Rock a fresh hairstyle or try something different for the carnival weekend! We bring you our best stylists for a 30 min cornrows hairstyle. All you need to do is:

  1. Book your slot, to avoid disappointment (

  2. Choose your hairstyle on the day

  3. Slay :-)


£10 for BATUKE! pass holders / £15 for members of the public.

>>>>>>> Please make sure hair is clean <<<<<<<

For booking & enquiries contact 07745 911285 or

The Afrocks team can't wait to style you!

'Kreations by Kemi' is proud to present its inaugural collection at BATUKE! 2018.


Offering handcrafted afro accessories, it’s founder Kemi is keen about making things by hand, and putting a personal twist on them: anything from jewellery and accessories, to clothing and home decorations, her attitude has always been ‘I can make that for myself!’. And as an avid dancer, art lover, musician, (to name just a few hobbies), creativity is a key part of life – thus making this collection the next exciting step in her journey!


'Kreations by Kemi' is a series of African oriented pieces, made from a variety of fabrics and prints beads and shells, leather and other raw materials, made for all ages, genders, and wearable by people of diverse cultures.


Check them out and pick up a unique piece at Batuke!



Discvover the unique collections of Hannah, founder and creative director of Sheek'Afreeka!


Red Entertainment & Afro Culture are promoting #iamnot4sale as a platform for raising awareness of the plight of African migrants being sold as slaves in Libya, staging fundraising events to raise money to help those who have been directly affected.

We encourage artists to sing against slavery with initiatives like the #iamnot4sale Song Challenge. We're also working to prevent migrants from using the illegal route to Libya known as the “backway” by supporting initiative on the ground, the first one in the Gambia, where we partnered with organisations preventing young people from undertaking the journey. We're also supporting returnees’ re-insertion into their communities.


The #iamnot4sale campaign is an ongoing response to the atrocities of the migrant slave trade, first seen by many when broadcasted on mainstream media in November of 2017. Our mission is to protest against, and raise awareness of modern slavery of Sub-Saharan migrants in Lybia, by way of artistic expression, such as music, and to raise money to support returnees in West Africa.


I have been enjoying Brazilian dance for many years and visit Brazil regularly. However, I struggled to find active wear at home, that was sexy and feminine enough for the dance-floor, rather than the practical wear designed for the gym. Inspired by the amazing fitness wear there, I wanted to bring it here!

Items are carefully chosen and a great option for those seeking comfort while dancing but also original style & vibrant colours. Adithiva leggings & cat-suits have a body-enhancing cut, making your shape better than you ever imagined. Their distinguished shape & special materials are lightweight whilst providing great support & keeping you cool while exercising.

My Brazilian fitness and dance-wear will fit in well at BATUKE!  and look forward to meeting many Afro-luso dance enthusiasts!

Shika Accessories is a new brand providing highly sophisticated and unique handmade & ethically sourced ladies African accessories.

We do have a wide range of handbags, purses, slippers and jewellery of different shapes, colours and sizes for every occasion.


Wax Not is a new brand of accessories based in Paris that creates, sublimates and personalizes every story through wax.

Twin sisters and globe trotters Jenny & Jennifer, throughout their different trips, decided to create their own brand. Everything started from an addiction to ethnic fairs and an unforgettable trip to the “Téranga” in Senegal.

WAX NOT is simply a fusion between The Traditional (the brand honours the African loincloth) and The Original (each accessory is made with passion and creativity, always with the purpose to offer unique collections) as well as The Ethnic-chic (you’ll find vintage materials in most collections) & The Urban (bi-material accessories are used, a mix between jeans & the more traditional wax)

We advocate that each person has his/her own style and so that each person has a printing design that reflects himself/herself. Our wish is to let you express your original touch through our unique accessories, made with one of the African continent’s wonders, the wax. We run sustainable operations with all our packaging made from 100% recycled paper.


For all occasions, adopt an Afro-chic style. So wax not?  

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